Soil Testing In Real Time

We build IoT sensors to enable precision agriculture for small holder farmers.
Grow Sustainably and Profitably.

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We offer the following services

AGTECH Solutions

Regular testing helps develop and maintain more productive soils for farming, gardening, and landscaping.

Laboratory Solutions

Comprehensive chemical analysis (macro and micro nutrients soil analysis).

Pathological Analysis

We offer comprehensive fungal and bacterial soil analysis for common pathogens.

Who We Are

A Soil Health Management Company

We are a soil health management company that collects soil nutritional data to inform on the soil status and provides farmers with improvement recommendations to ensure that they can grow sustainably and profitably.

Our Vision

To continuously design and develop AgriTech solutions that are affordable, intelligible and high quality for the average farmer that will help achieve sustainable food production.

Our Mission

The only way to achieve sustainable food production in Africa is through empowerment of smallholder farmers with precision agriculture technology. At Rhea, our mission is to create relationships with smallholder farmers ,supporting them with educational workshops on soil health management and making their soil testing experience accessible, timely and convenient.

Priority SDGs

There are 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Rhea has identified specific SDGs that the organization strives to achieve.

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Economic Growth

Climate Action


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